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How Pena Bangsa Runs its Organization

Pena Bangsa Values:

  1. Enthusiasm

Pena Bangsa realizes everything started with enthusiasm will bring good performance in life. Enthusiasm is embodied in boldness, passion and the appetite for challenge. Enthusiasm is a start line in all Pena Bangsa activities.

  1. Leadership

Pena Bangsa people are encouraged become a good leader for himself and others. With a good leadership, Pena Bangsa people try to develop a next leader and also inspiring leader.  Good leadership will bring a huge impact to person and community.

  1. Ownership

Pena Bangsa tries to be a personal platform for Pena Bangsa people. Pena Bangsa will make its people comfortable, joyful, and feels like home. With a good ownership sense, Pena Bangsa believes will increase people performance in organization.

  1. Community Focus

Pena Bangsa is an organization which concern about community development. Pena Bangsa always tries to be a solution for its community. Hence, Pena Bangsa will bring some goodness to community thru its program and activities.

  1. Integrity

Pena Bangsa will run its organization based on a good work ethic, in line with both national and community rules surrounded.

  1. Trust

Trust is a thing which makes Pena Bangsa stand until today. With trust from stakeholders, Pena Bangsa will make significant improvement and good result. Pena Bangsa will satisfy all stakeholders because of their priceless trust.

  1. Excellence

Pena Bangsa always supports all people to strive for excellence. Pena Bangsa do realizes an excellence always comes from a good effort. There’s no barrier to achieve an excellence. People just need passion and wants to achieve an excellence.




Pena Bangsa



Leadership, Excellence, Trust, Integrity

Enthusiasm, Ownership, Community Focus


Pena Bangsa

Tag Line: Grow Old with Pena Bangsa

Means: Pena Bangsa spirit will accompany you anywhere and anytime


Pena Bangsa Promise:

Bring Goodness to Human Life

Means: Pena Bangsa just comes for bringing goodness to human life thru community development. This will be the only reason why Pena Bangsa has to be alive.


Pena Bangsa Principles



  1. We strive to be the best in all areas of strategic importance to the organization,
  2. We benchmark our performance versus the very best internally and externally,
  3. We learn from both our successes and our failures and try to make improvement.



  1. We always hold Pena Bangsa promise, values, and principle in every action and decision,
  2. We always try to do the right thing for people, organization, and community,



  1. We are all leaders who have a deep commitment to deliver leadership results.
  2. We have a clear vision of where we are going.
  3. We try hardly to be a leader in value for our people, community, and organization



  1. We see Pena Bangsa as a platform expressing  beneficial excellent personal performance
  2. We see all people in Pena Bangsa as a member of family
  3. We respect each other and try to create happiness in organization



  1. We keep all stakeholder’s trust through a great organizational performance
  2.  We have confidence in each other’s responsibility and competencies
  3. We believe that people will perform best when there is a foundation of trust




  1. We have a compelling desire to improve and bring goodness to people, organization, and community
  2. Passion will always accompany all activities that we do


Community Focus

  1. Community is a platform for us to make a good impact in human life
  2. Community is a platform for us to learn how to live, give, and take